Hiking Near Santa Ana


Looking for a good place to go hiking near Santa Ana?

Santa Ana Mountains Hikes, has over 10 hiking trails from waterfalls, to canyons there’s so much to do in the Santa Ana Mountains. Each hiking trail has a unique excursion to experience, a great pass time for the weekends or days off. Bring your best hiking buddy or a friend who’s up for an adventure of scenic views.

Quail Hill Trailhead, connecting to Irvine’s vast trail system, is located at the end of Sand Canyon Road, it’s about two point eight acres of land. Utilize your cell phone for a self-guided tour, Quail Hill is open to the public from sunrise to sunset and allows dogs too. So if you need to get away for a while but don’t want the hassle of a long drive check out Quail Hill Trailhead and other great trails at Quail Hill.

Get out and exercise, make sure you always bring plenty of water along with your hike, pick the right hike for you: easy, moderate or advanced. There is a great hiking trail waiting out there for everyone, local residents of Santa Ana can take advantage of many options that surround them in the outdoors.

Best Hiking Locations and Exercise Spots in Santa Ana

Wow the year goes by fast doesn’t it? The days are already getting longer, the sun brighter, and once the rain stops, it might as well be summer already. With those changes to the weather come a few changes to our exercise routines. We can finally get out of the stuffy and overcrowded gyms and enjoy exercising in nature.

Going on a after work or early morning hike is a great way to stay active, fit, and de-stress from a long day at the office. The Santiago Creek on Memory Ln in Santa Ana is perfect for just about any nature filled activity you are trying to accomplish. There are long and windy running trails, walking trails, an area for your dogs, and a massive slide for kids and adults looking for some fun. Here is a quick look a the Santiago Creek.

Santiago Creek Wildlife & Watershed Center, Santiago Park Nature

510 E Memory Ln, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone number (714) 647-6904