Stay Active in Santa Ana By Joining the YMCA

Staying active is an issue most people struggle with. The older we get, the busier life becomes–with work, family, and a social life–yet most people’s metabolism tends to slow down and the weight begins to settle in. There is no easy solution to staying fit and healthy other than with the hard work of eating right and exercising.

The easiest way to stay active might be to join a local gym or YMCA. The City of Santa Ana has a great YMCA chapter with a state of the art gym that also focuses on family (you can even get a family plan for all your loved ones to enjoy). The YMCA features an Olympic sized pool, a soccer arena, and a splash pool for the kids among other things. The program also offers financial assistance for those family who may need a little help paying for the monthly expenses.

Join a YMCA continues to be a great value and awesome way to keep your family busy with all the great programming taking place on a weekly basis.

2100 W Alton Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 444-4004