Santa Ana Living: Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin carving is the best thing about Halloween. Okay, maybe the second best thing (eating your kid’s candy is the first). But now that we’ve finally hit October and the holiday is nearly here, let’s go over a few simple pumpkin carving tips to try this Halloween.


Spray water: once you cut into your pumpkin it will begin to lose water quickly. Keep a spray bottle handy and wet it a few times a day. The pumpkin will last longer.


Use a template: you don’t have to be an artist to carve a pumpkin. Just print out a template online and make your masterpiece with a little help.


Put it in the fridge: unfortunately, a carved pumpkin will only last a week or so max. However, you can a few extra days by covering the pumpkin with plastic wrap and putting it in the fridge once you are done carving.