How To Prepare Your Santa Ana Apartment For a Safe Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner folks. So now is the time to start thinking about creating a safe and secure environment for children trick-or-treating at your apartment. Here are a few quick tips.


Do not use candles: candles in any form are always a fire hazard. If you plan to have a jack-o-lantern use fire safe LED lights instead. You never know who might bump into your decorations and cause a candle to light a fire.


Go heavy with lights: apartment walkways can be quite dark at night, so use lights when decorating your doorway or instead of your apartment. The parents will thank you.


Safe candy choices: think about choking hazards and common allergies like peanuts when buying candle. Kids of all shapes and sizes will be visiting your house, so opt with the safest candy possible. Again, the parents of Halloween goers will appreciate the thought and care you put into making the holiday safe for everyone.