How To Plan A Weekend Getaway

Planning a vacation doesn’t have to be a week-long event. Sometimes a quick, weekend getaway can be enough to keep you charged and ready to finish off the summer. If you are planning a weekend trip, here are a few tips for planning something awesome.

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Be flexible with your destination: being flexible and deciding on a last minute destination not only adds to the spontaneity of the trip. But it might also find you a deal as well. Sites like Priceline or Expedia off last minute deals. So jump and the site and find out which hotels are the most affordable and plan your trip around that.



Pack snacks: if you do not have kids, snacks are something that might not cross your mind. However, snacks can save you time and money on a weekend trips. Pack away waters, fruits, chips or anything else you can snap on.


Pack the night before: if you are not taking Friday off from work, you need to pack the night before. Chances are you won’t hit the road until the late afternoon, so have everything packed and ready.


How To Get Extra Space In Your Kitchen

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to live with clutter and a mess in your cooking space. Here are a few tips for creating extra space in the kitchen.


Use the insides of a cabinet: every inch of space matters when you are trying to maximize storage. Try using the inside of cabinets by hanging baskets with Velcro.
Use a pin board: mount a pin board on a kitchen wall and hang items so you can create more cabinet space

Use hooks: put up hooks on the sides of cabinet walls in order to hang pots and pans.