3 Of Santa Ana’s Most Popular Restaurants

Knowing where to eat is an art form. Sure there are restaurants on almost every corner, but the truly good ones can be a bit hidden and under the radar, even if they are popular.

  1. Alebrije’s Grill

The Alebrije’s Grill is a food truck that help light up the “food truck” scene. Nowadays most trucks work heavily with social media, but the Alebrije’s has been parked in front of a Mexican grocery store for years and remains one of the gems of the Santa Ana area.

  1. Chapter One: The Modern Local

Chapter One is a local Gastropub that has thrown down the challenge of taking “bar food” and turning it into a gourmet experience, The restaurants serves old school drinks with a modern feel and makes eating chicken wings an upscale experience.

  1. The Crosby

The Crosby has a host of tasty menu items, but if you happen to eat there, please order the jerk carnitas torta and enjoy a slice of heaven. The torta is a massive undertaking that is cooked to perfection and will leave your taste buds begging for more.