3 Easy Summer Décor Hacks

Now that summer is here (or almost here) we can start adding a bit of spice into your living space without breaking the bank. Summer is the most festive time of the year, so why not bring that joy into your apartment? Here are three easy summer décor hacks to try.


Floral Plates: if you can’t make a huge purchase, just go small instead. Floral plates added a fun pop of color and look wonderful when set on the dinner table.


Re-paint a coffee table: most apartment managers will not let you paint, but what you can do is repaint a coffee table instead. Try sanding it down and then repaint it a bright summer color—your coffee table will look like new.


Marker Dyed Pillows:  buy white or tan throw pillows and color pieces of them with a marker. Put some alcohol on a rag and use it to spread the marker around and cause it to streak in a tie dyed form.