Three Mistakes that Will Ruin a Diet in Your Santa Ana Apartments

Losing weight can be tough, especially when you are a busy professional trying to juggle work, a social and family life. Do not sabotage your weight loss efforts by making small mistakes through the course of your diet. Here are three mistakes that will ruin a diet in your Santa Ana apartments.




Light breakfast: having a quick breakfast can mess up your diet later in the day. Instead of grabbing a piece of bread and running to your car, try having a hearty protein-filled breakfast to help control your appetite during other meals.


Too much cardio: if you think cardio is the best way to exercise when you are trying to lose weight, then you are wrong. Strength training can help burn fat faster and longer than regular cardio can.


Not eating: skipping a pre-work out meal will only hinder you during exercise. A study by the University of Arkansas showed that women who ate a pre-workout meal burned more calories than the ones that did not.


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