What NOT To Do When Eating Sushi

Sushi is a proud cuisine that dates back to the second century AD and has a rich history in the East. Sushi has become a trendy meal in the United States over the last few decades, so we are still relatively new at eating it. If you are planning to have more sushi in 2016, here are a few things NOT to do the next time you dine out.

 Don’t dissemble you sushi: if it’s your first time trying sushi, don’t try start picking the food out of it. It’s best to eat it all at once!


Bite the sushi in half: even sushi has a no double-dipping rule. Sushi is supposed to be eaten in one big bite, so do not take half and put it back on the plate.


Eating ginger wrong: ginger isn’t meant to be eaten as a side. The plant is supposed to be used as a palate cleansers in between sushi plates.