Santa Ana Apartment Living: Three Ways That Your Job Is Ruining Your Health

Having a job is one of life’s few necessities, but the truth is your job is probably causing your to gain weight and be less active than your used to be. Here are three ways that your job is ruining your health.



Doctor shows information on blackboard: bad health


Sitting all day: one of the most obvious ways that your job is ruining your health is by the excessive amount of sitting that you do. Sitting at a desk all day long is probably causing you to gain weight, along with the junk food you might be snacking on.



Traffic: the average American spends 25 minutes in commute to work, but living in Los Angeles probably doubles that time. Studies have shown that people who sit in traffic on the way to work have larger BMIs than those that don’t.



Job related stress: on-the-job stress will trigger the cortisol, a stress hormone, that will lead to sugar cravings and cause your body to hold fat.

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