Santa Ana Fitness: Where to Run Near Your Apartment

The older you get, the fewer chances there are to be competitive. And even if you are not the competitive type, taking that same mental approach to any challenge is a great way to succeed. With running, however, there is always a race around the corner waiting. Sure, any type of exercise is great, but if you are looking to challenge yourself and actually compete with other people, skip those complicated machines at the gyms and start running. After a few weeks, you’ll have the confidence to sign up for a race and really show just how much you have improved.


Carl Thorton Park

1801 W Segerstrom Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92704


Santiago Creek Bike Trail

Tustin & E La Veta Ave
Orange, CA 92866


Jeffrey Open Space Trail

13000-13498 Jeffrey Rd
Irvine, CA 92620

Pancake Heaven: Where to eat Great Pancakes in Santa Ana

Pancakes are one of those amazing pieces of food that everyone loves (and if you don’t, then you are crazy). They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a side or as a main dish. You can eat them here or there, in fact you can eat them anywhere (just skip the green eggs and ham). If you have a craving for pancakes, you are in luck because the city of Santa Ana has quite a few great pancake spots withing minutes of your apartment. Here is a quick list of three excellent reviewed spots according to the users at Yelp. If you happen to try some soon, let us know how they taste.


Nate’s Korner

3960 S Main St
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone number: (714) 545-5772


Pop’s Café

112 E 9th St
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone number: (714) 543-2772


Cafe Calacas

324 W 4th St
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone number: (714) 662-2002

Easter in Santa Ana: Where to Attend a Service

Even if you do not attend church on a regular basis, Easter may be the one occasion where you will consider it. Many people grew up attending services on Easter Sunday and now it is simply a part of the Easter tradition. If you are new to the Santa Ana area or never paid any attention to the churches in the city, here is a quick list of three welcoming congregations to visit this Easter Sunday. Service times vary, so give each location a call to find out more information about Sunday’s festivities.


Newsong Church

1010 W 17th St
Santa Ana, CA 92706


Calvary Church of Santa Ana

1010 N Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number: (714) 973-4800


Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

1322 E 3rd St
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone number: (714) 836-4142

Where to Watch The NCAA Tournament Near Santa Ana

Santa Ana has a host of great sports bars and since March Madness is here for the next few weeks, why fight the constant stream of college basketball that will be invading our tv and embrace it by going to a sports bar instead. The 64-team NCAA tournament is set to being on Thursday, but will a feature full weekend slate of games. If you are looking to get out of the house and watch the NCAA tournament at a bar with some drinks and food, here is a quick list of three great bars to try. Just remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the games.


Breakaway Sports Lounge and Eatery

2106 N Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number (714) 834-0943


The Olde Ship

1120 W 17th St
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Phone number (714) 550-6700


Sweet Spot Sports Bar & Grille

1325 E Dyer Rd
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number (714) 241-3800


How To Drink Responsibly This St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is about enjoying a drink or two with friends and family, but anytime you are at a bar, things can get out of hand. If you are planning on going out this St. Paddy’s Day, here are a few tips for drinking responsibly and staying safe.


Eat beforehand: do not drink on an empty stomach because you will get drunk faster. Have dinner a few hours before you get to the bar.


Drink water: match a cup of water with every one or two drinks that you have that night. The water will keep you from getting too drunk and you sober up faster once you stop drinking.


Stop drinking: do not drink up until last call and instead take your last drink an hour before the bar closes. Having a few cups of water and start the process of sobering up.



2016 Oscar Betting Odds: DiCaprio a Huge Favorite

Do you know people bet on the Oscar? I know, sounds fun, right? Every online sportsbook releases odds for the major categories during the awards ceremony and as you might have already guessed Leonardo DiCaprio and The Revenant are the favorites to take home the best actor and film awards during the night. Here is a quick look at the rest of the odds for the major categories. The Oscars will be broadcast live on ABC this Sunday, February 28th at 5:30pm.



The Revenant -163
Spotlight +188
The Big Short +450
Mad Max: Fury Road +10000
The Martian +10000
Room +15000
Brooklyn +20000
Bridge of Spies +25000



Brie Larson (Room) -2000
Saoirse Ronan (Brooklyn) +1000
Cate Blanchett (Carol) +2800
Jennifer Lawrence (Joy) +2800
Charlotte Rampling (45 Years) +5000




Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (The Revenant) -600
George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) +550
Adam McKay (The Big Short) +1000
Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) +1600
Lenny Abrahamson (Room) +10000

Tip For Dealing With Noisy Construction Work

Living near a construction area can be enough to drive you insane. All that loud noise can lead to sleepless mornings and mind numbing afternoons. However, if you are dealing with loud construction noise, there a few easy ways to deal with the mess. Here are a few tips.

Music: play some soothing music to help keep you calm and give your brain something other than the construction noise to focus on.

Hang drapes: hang thick and heavy drapes over your windows to help absorb that outside sound. Doing something this simple can really help to reduce noise.

Sound proof room: create a sound proof room in your apartment to give yourself an area of respite. Combine each of these tips into a room furthest away from the noise. Hanging fabrics will be key.


Best Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Santa Ana

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, so if you don’t have a reservation just yet, there might still be time to grab something. The rest of the date is up to you, because we can’t plan everything, but here is a quick list of three excellent and well-review Valentine’s Day restaurants near your Santa Ana apartment. Just be sure to call ahead and make sure seating is still available. Chances are you might have to show up a bit earlier, because all the Valentine’s Day action happens after 6pm anyway, but dinner at 5pm never hurt anyone.

Antonello Ristorante

3800 Plaza Dr
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone number: (714) 751-7153


Bella Cuba

3940 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone number: (714) 545-5711


The Kickin Crab

3611 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone number: (714) 754-8888


Denver vs Carolina: Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Santa Ana

The Carolina Panthers are a six-point favorite heading into their Super Bowl 50 matchup against the Denver Broncos and many experts are predicting a blowout. The Panthers only lost one game this season and are currently 17-1. Denver, on the other hand, is being led by a struggling Peyton Manning who may be playing his final game in the NFL. If you are planning on watching the game, plenty of great restaurants and sports bars will be hosting events. The Super Bowl will air live on CBS at 3:30pm PST this Sunday. Here is a list of three great places to watch the game.

Breakaway Sports Lounge and Eatery

2106 N Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number(714) 834-0943

Sports Zone Cafe & Nhau

4702 W 1st St
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Phone number(714) 486-2609


Buffalo Wild Wings

3811 South Bristol Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone number(714) 540-1737

What To Do In Santa Ana

Santa Ana has a host of fun things to do around the city. You can go to the zoo, take the kids to a museum or science center—the possibilities are endless. Now that the weather is clearing up and the rain has stopped (for now), take the time to get outside this weekend and try something fun. Here is a quick list of three great things to do in and around your Santa Ana apartment. For more information visit Yelp for prices and more details.



Discovery Cube Orange County
2500 N Main St
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number: (714) 542-2823


Santa Ana Zoo

1801 E Chestnut Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone number: (714) 647-6575


Round 1 Bowling & Amusement

2800 N Main St
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number: (714) 619-6840