Is Your Santa Ana Apartment Home Ready for the New School Year?

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAAre you and your household all back-to-school ready? How do you feel about your apartments in Santa Ana CA? You can help prevent the chaos of new routines and extra school gear by handling a few organization projects in your apartment home. Here are a few to help get you started:

1. Set up a Homework Zone complete with all the necessary school supplies the students in your home will need to succeed. Add some drawers and shelves to an existing desk or sacrifice a cabinet for organized papers, pens, notebooks and the like. Keeping everything in one spot means better organizing for your home and better focus for your student.

2. Organize School Snacks and Lunches to help make meal prep a much easier chore every morning and evening. Keeping healthy snacks prepared and in an easy-to-grab spot can make healthier options a much easier choice for you and your family as well.

3. Create a School Gear Dump Zone with shelves, cubbies and extra backpack/coat hooks to help keep the front door after-school clutter neat and tidy in your apartments in Santa Ana, CA.

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition near Your Santa Ana Apartments

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAFor some “science-disguised-as-fun” near your apartments in Santa Ana, CA, take your kids down to the Discovery Science Center for a unique exhibit. The “MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibit” has the features and activities that your whole family can enjoy. You can check out remnants and blown-up bits from experiments completed by the show’s own Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

Along with viewing props and features from the show, you will also have the chance to clear up some superstitions on your own. Some myths you and your family can bust include whether or not running in the rain keeps you dry, if toast really does always land butter side down, and you can finally put the big, bad wolf’s “huff, puff and blow a house in” story to rest. Don’t miss out on this fun and interactive exhibit near your apartments in Santa Ana, CA.

Additional Details:

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition
Ending Sunday, September 7!

Discovery Science Center
2500 N Main Street │ Santa Ana CA

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Showing near Your Santa Ana Apartments

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CARetro Family Matinee is making a comeback at The Frida Cinema near your apartments in Santa Ana, CA. Because of the popularity of the show and of the familiar classic film, this Saturday and Sunday the Frida will be hosting a special viewing of the treasured E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. The matinee shows will begin at 1:00p on both days, and tickets start at just $5!

Don’t miss out on Retro Family Matinee this Saturday and Sunday near your apartments in Santa Ana, CA! Introduce the whole family to this classic and magical film that even Siskel and Ebert agreed was worthy of two thumbs up. The film will also be presented with Spanish subtitles.

Additional Details:

Retro Family Matinee
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Saturday, August 30 │ 1:00p
Sunday, August 31 │ 1:00p

The Frida Cinema
305 E. 4th Street │ Santa Ana CA

3 DIY Projects to Maximize on Kitchen Space in Your Santa Ana Apartment Home

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAMake better use of any available kitchen space in your apartments in Santa Ana, CA. With a few simple DIY projects, you can enjoy better organization in your pantry, cupboards and shelves. Tackle these three DIY projects in your apartment kitchen this week!

1. Get creative and transform a clean shoe holder into a snack holder in your kitchen pantry. You and your kids will have easy access to snacks for school or at home, and this will only take up back-of-the-door space in your Santa Ana apartment kitchen.

2. Hang a small tension rod under the kitchen sink to easily store away cleaning supplies. Hang spray bottles along the rod to clear up cabinets and make better use of this storage space.

3. Especially if you are a baking fanatic, you can easily organize and maintain access to cookie cutters by storing them on a paper towel dispenser. Whether you leave them on kitchen counters or put them away in the pantry, this is an easy organization tool to try in your apartments in Santa Ana, CA.

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips for Your Santa Ana Apartments

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAMake the most of every inch of space in your apartments in Santa Ana, CA by trying new decorating options. With simple and unique storage options and new design techniques, you can see a difference in your apartment home right away.

Floating Shelves are an easy way to display some of your favorite trinkets and mementoes, without taking up too much space. This also allows for the freedom of easy re-decorating to display new pieces with the changing seasons or any new additions.

Paint Furniture instead of walls in your Santa Ana apartment home. Introduce your favorite paint colors to some of your favorite furniture pieces or even a new thrift store find.

Open Storage Units give you more opportunities to showcase your favorite mementoes and provide useful and necessary space for storing away kitchen items, books, movies or other items in your apartments in Santa Ana, CA.

Your Santa Ana Community’s Summer Jazz Series

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAHead down to the Artists Village Second Street Promenade tonight to enjoy a FREE jazz concert near your Santa Ana apartment community. Every Thursday evening this summer, a new jazz artist will be featured at the Promenade right around the corner from your Artist Village apartments. Relax and enjoy the smooth jazz from different local talent and check out the local shops and restaurants along the central courtyard.

Don’t miss the free summer jazz series near your Santa Ana apartment community. Enjoy a night on the town and relax with your favorite jazz tunes.

Additional Details:

Summer Jazz Series
Thursdays │ 5:30p – 7:30p

Second Street Promenade
(Second & Broadway)
Santa Ana │ CA


Plan Your Next Summer Event at The Observatory

The Court at Artists Village in Santa Ana CAIf you are looking for a new venue for local shows, The Observatory is the perfect option for you. Located near your Santa Ana apartments, this music venue hosts incredible artists and has great options for your weekend out and about. You can enjoy a VIP experience with better views of the show and bottle service throughout the night, or just stay for a show in The Constellation Room.

The venue is also open for private events, so you can start planning an upcoming birthday, graduation or even corporate meetings with in-house catering options here. You can utilize the open dance floor, VIP areas, full kitchen and bars, in-house sound and lighting as well as stage managers and stage hands to help ensure a seamless upcoming event. Start planning a big event or make plans for this weekend near your Santa Ana apartments!

This Weekend’s Schedule:

July 24RL Grime │ 8:00p

July 25Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids / The New Amsterdams) │ 7:00p │ Constellation Room
July 25Donavon Frankenreiter │ 8:00p
July 25Kevin Gates │ 10:00p │ Constellation Room

July 26Restavrant, Sam Outlaw, Angel & The Badman │ 7:00p │ Constellation Room
July 26Rittz │ 8:00p │ Constellation Room
July 26The White Buffalo │ 8:00p

July 27Wolfmother │ 8:00p
July 27Au Revoir Simone │ 8:00p │ Constellation Room

Additional Details: 

The Observatory
3503 S. Harbor │ Santa Ana CA

Feng Shui Your Santa Ana Apartment Bedroom for Summer!

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAIncrease the flow of energy and sense of relaxation in your bedroom oasis this summer! Your Santa Ana apartment can become even more of a retreat by following a few easy tricks to Feng Shui your space. Try these practical tips and enjoy better balance in your home.

  • Find the TV or computer a new place to live. Keep your bedroom a sanctuary by leaving these distractions out.
  • Make sure your bed is firmly planted against a wall to inspire feelings of safety and security.
  • Opt for a rounded nightstand to keep out negative energy from “poison arrows” or square or octagonal furniture pieces.
  • Choose soothing colors, recommended in hues ranging from a creamy white to a deep brown. Feng shui recommends “skin colors” as the most soothing, but many other colors also produce emotions of relaxation such as lavender.
  • Along with a soothing color scheme, be selective with your art pieces, choosing those with a theme or joy or that can produce additional positive energy into your Santa Ana apartment bedroom.

Santa Ana’s FREE Fourth of July Fireworks Show!

Apartments in Santa Ana CAThis Friday, July 4, celebrate the independence of a nation with your Santa Ana community. The Annual Fireworks Show and Independence Day Celebration will be held near your Santa Ana apartment community at Centennial Park. With a variety of food vendors, kids’ activities and live performances, make sure this is an even you won’t miss.

Because this is a FREE community event, you and your friends should plan to arrive early with picnic blankets and lawn chairs so you can save your spots for the fireworks show. Before the show, you can enjoy live performances by the Rockabillys, Mango Band and the Santa Ana High School. There will also be a History Walk featuring a number of important characters from history. Make sure you don’t miss this patriotic event near your Santa Ana apartments!

Additional Details:

Independence Day Celebration
Friday, July 4 │ 4:00p – 9:30p

Centennial Park
3000 W Edinger Avenue │ Santa Ana CA

3 Common Mistakes in Small Apartment Spaces

Apartments in Santa Ana CAThere are many things you can do to maximize on space in a small apartment and many things you should NOT do to in a small apartment space. To create the best space in your small apartment in Santa Ana, CA, be sure to avoid common decorating mistakes. Don’t make these simple mistakes in your apartment home!

1. Too Much Stuff: This is a mistake no matter what size your Santa Ana apartment is. Be sure to put any unnecessary items in storage and create an organizational system in your own space. It is important to note that large pieces of furniture can create the illusion of more space, however, they MUST be selected carefully for this purpose.

2. Timid Options: If your apartment has small living areas, you may be afraid to take risks with your decorating. However, you can still find bold statement pieces for your apartment home. Especially because it is easier and less expensive to choose pieces for your small living areas, be sure to think outside the box and bring home a dramatic piece you love.

3. Not Planning Layout: Begin with a strategy for your Santa Ana apartment. Plan out your furniture layout and be sure you also incorporate art pieces into your design scheme. You can also consider task-oriented areas in different rooms, especially if your small living area houses an office area or if you have a studio apartment.