Feng Shui Your Santa Ana Apartment Bedroom for Summer!

The Court at Artists Village Apartments in Santa Ana CAIncrease the flow of energy and sense of relaxation in your bedroom oasis this summer! Your Santa Ana apartment can become even more of a retreat by following a few easy tricks to Feng Shui your space. Try these practical tips and enjoy better balance in your home.

  • Find the TV or computer a new place to live. Keep your bedroom a sanctuary by leaving these distractions out.
  • Make sure your bed is firmly planted against a wall to inspire feelings of safety and security.
  • Opt for a rounded nightstand to keep out negative energy from “poison arrows” or square or octagonal furniture pieces.
  • Choose soothing colors, recommended in hues ranging from a creamy white to a deep brown. Feng shui recommends “skin colors” as the most soothing, but many other colors also produce emotions of relaxation such as lavender.
  • Along with a soothing color scheme, be selective with your art pieces, choosing those with a theme or joy or that can produce additional positive energy into your Santa Ana apartment bedroom.

Santa Ana’s FREE Fourth of July Fireworks Show!

Apartments in Santa Ana CAThis Friday, July 4, celebrate the independence of a nation with your Santa Ana community. The Annual Fireworks Show and Independence Day Celebration will be held near your Santa Ana apartment community at Centennial Park. With a variety of food vendors, kids’ activities and live performances, make sure this is an even you won’t miss.

Because this is a FREE community event, you and your friends should plan to arrive early with picnic blankets and lawn chairs so you can save your spots for the fireworks show. Before the show, you can enjoy live performances by the Rockabillys, Mango Band and the Santa Ana High School. There will also be a History Walk featuring a number of important characters from history. Make sure you don’t miss this patriotic event near your Santa Ana apartments!

Additional Details:

Independence Day Celebration
Friday, July 4 │ 4:00p – 9:30p

Centennial Park
3000 W Edinger Avenue │ Santa Ana CA

3 Common Mistakes in Small Apartment Spaces

Apartments in Santa Ana CAThere are many things you can do to maximize on space in a small apartment and many things you should NOT do to in a small apartment space. To create the best space in your small apartment in Santa Ana, CA, be sure to avoid common decorating mistakes. Don’t make these simple mistakes in your apartment home!

1. Too Much Stuff: This is a mistake no matter what size your Santa Ana apartment is. Be sure to put any unnecessary items in storage and create an organizational system in your own space. It is important to note that large pieces of furniture can create the illusion of more space, however, they MUST be selected carefully for this purpose.

2. Timid Options: If your apartment has small living areas, you may be afraid to take risks with your decorating. However, you can still find bold statement pieces for your apartment home. Especially because it is easier and less expensive to choose pieces for your small living areas, be sure to think outside the box and bring home a dramatic piece you love.

3. Not Planning Layout: Begin with a strategy for your Santa Ana apartment. Plan out your furniture layout and be sure you also incorporate art pieces into your design scheme. You can also consider task-oriented areas in different rooms, especially if your small living area houses an office area or if you have a studio apartment.

3 Daily Chores for Your Santa Ana Apartment

Apartments in Santa Ana CAEven if you don’t feel like you have time to finish daily cleaning tasks, there are some chores you should always make time for. Some things are more important than others to help keep your house fully functional. Make sure to attend to at least these five things every day to keep your Santa Ana apartment tidy.

  1. Doing the Dishes: Get in the habit of cleaning your dishes following meals or right after using them. If you opt for a clean dish and avoid the pile in the sink, that pile will continue growing and growing and create even more work for you in the end.
  2. Picking Up Dirty Clothes: Even if you don’t make it all the way to the laundry, just putting dirty clothes, towels and the like in a hamper will quickly clean up a room.
  3. Vacuuming Living Areas: Whether you utilize a small handheld vacuum option to clean up quick messes or regularly vacuum common areas, you can quickly make a room much cleaner with a quick one-over.

Summer Fun at Bowers Kidseum

Apartments in Santa Ana CAGet your kids out of your Santa Ana apartment home this summer by visiting the Bowers Kidseum. The Kidseum is conveniently located near your city apartment and has the interactive fun you want for your children. Keep them engaged and learning this summer by visiting this Anaheim children’s museum.

Kidseum is an extension of the main Bowers Museum, but offers art and learning experiences designed for younger children. Most of the art and hands-on learning activities are focused on reaching pre-school to elementary aged children. These programs include exhibits, family festivals, museum tours, art classes, storytelling and more! You can host birthday parts at the location or send your child to fun and interactive summer camps.

Kidseum’s Summer Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday │ 10:00a – 4:00p

Additional Information:

Bowers Kidseum
1802 N Main Street │ Santa Ana CA

4th Annual Gala & Fashion Show Benefit in Santa Ana

Apartments in Santa Ana CAAttend the 4th Annual Gala & Fashion Show near your Santa Ana apartments and benefit a noteworthy cause. This Thursday, June 12, will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society toward finding a cure for blood cancer. Tickets begin at $150 with VIP tickets available as well, allowing access to a VIP lounge and hosted bar and tray pass.

This year’s Fashion Show and Black Tie Gala features La Perla Lingerie, Baccarat, Max Mara and HUGO Hugo Boss. Guests will also enjoy complimentary gourmet appetizers and desserts from a number of high-end executive chefs from Anqi, Bluewater Grill, Charlie Palmer and others. Complimentary sparkling wine will be available as well from Domain Carneros “Kate Spade” edition as well as specialty cocktails.

Additional Details:

Essex Skyline
15 Macarthur Place │ Santa Ana CA

Thursday, June 12 │ 6:00p – 9:00p