3 Great BBQ Tools To Have This Summer

Everyone has a favorite part about summer, but at the Artists Village Apartments, what we love most is the barbecues (yes, we love food). If you are planning to host a few cookouts over the next couple of months, here are three awesome BBQ tools to consider.


Himalayan Salt Plate: cut form the Himalayan salt mines and direct shipped to the US. This cutting board adds a wonderful flavor to any BBQ food. The blocks cost $34.99 on Amazon.


American Flag Spatula or Apron: show your guest how much you love ‘Merica with a cool apron or American flag spatula. The items can both be found online in the $20 range.


Grill Cleaning Robot: the worst part about a BBQ is the cleanup. So why not skip that hassle and get a grill cleaning robot instead. The robots are similar to the circular floor cleaning robots we’ve all seen and cost in the $100 range.